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Hi Lovely Readers! My name is Jas Joy (stating the obvious). I have experienced a whole lot of struggles throughout my journey into adulthood, suffered through self-discovery and development, went through a near death experience, and much much more that made me second guess everything in my life. All of that are reasons why I am here today, ready to support others in every way that I can.

I KNOW I look incredibly young (I am much older than I look, but probably younger than you MIGHT think). I get that at my workplace literally every single day, it is a good thing AND a bad thing. Good thing because I am blessed with a youthful face, bad thing because it doesn’t give a great first impression to our members. They think I am not knowledgable enough and that I do not have much experience in my field. Which is true in comparison to my other co-workers. BUT I always encourage myself to keep working hard to expand my knowledge, and that what I know and have been through is beyond my age. The people I help at my job soon realizes that as well. What is the point of saying all this? I am getting to it.

Being a young adult in the professional world, juggling life, education, finances etc, is not easy. You start at the very bottom, your knowledge is probably basic in comparison to others. People might not take you very seriously, might even put you down because of your “lack of experience.” It is a very harsh world out there. But do not let that discourage you or define your potential whatsoever!!!

This blog is here to help guide, inspire, and motivate you throughout your college and young adult years. To provide professional and financial knowledge to support your transition into the “real-world” and if you are already in it.

We aim to provide you everything you need to effortlessly manage and balance your career, education, personal activities, and finances! You have the power to reshape and transform your life. The most crucial life decisions are in your own hands, no one else’s.

Feel free to browse around because you just might find something you didn’t know you needed.

Have a Blessed Day 🙂

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