Affordable Yet Sentimental Friendsgiving Gift Ideas

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This article is filled with affordable yet sentimental friendsgiving gift ideas! These gifts are universal, perfect for a friend, family member, significant other, or any person you want to show you are grateful for.

These are gifts you can put together yourself, create yourself, or purchase from any store around you.

Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving is all about showing your appreciation to those who have made a positive impact in your life. And one way you can show your appreciation is through a gift!


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Friendsgiving Gift Ideas #1

Handwritten Letter

Price Range: $0-$15

Express your appreciation with a heartfelt handwritten letter or note. You can get inspiration from Pinterest by searching “PenPal Letters.”

You can create a beautiful letter like those for your best friend! Include some stickers, photos of you and him/her, a pin, friendship bracelet, mini message card, etc.

Decorate the letter with washing tape, cute stickers, some hand drawn pictures, cursive and more! It is fun to make something from the heart that you know your best friend will appreciate. SHEIN also has cute and affordable stationary items! 🙂

Cute, Aesthetic Paper Letters w/Envelopes!
Stickers you can put in the letter or envelope as a small gift
Scripture Cards for Encouragement and Convey Appreciation

Friendsgiving Gift Ideas #2

Customized Mug

Price Range: $6-$15 ea

Create a mug with a meaningful quote or message. A beautiful mug and a set of ceramic pens will do the trick! Just be sure to follow the instructions. To add a bit more to the idea, put some of your friend’s favorite candy in the mug, or a small bouquet of flowers.

Acrylic Pens for creating art on the mug without it coming off
Plain mug you can use to design and customize

Friendsgiving Gift Ideas #3

Photo Frame/Canvas

Price Range: $16-$35 ea

Gift a photo frame with a picture of a special memory you share. You can create a canvas at Walmart using your favorite photo or collage. They offer desk, framed, hanging, multi-piece, whatever you want, it’s both affordable and sentimental. 

Friendsgiving Gift Ideas #4

Friendship Bracelet

Price Range: $6-25 ea

Craft or buy a simple friendship bracelet to symbolize your friendship. You can find beautiful and affordable friendship bracelets on Etsy that you can customize!

Bracelet Making Kit to Design Matching Bracelets or a specially customized bracelet
Handmade Personalized, Engraved Bracelet

Friendsgiving Gift Ideas #5

Homemade Treats

Price: $5+ 

Bake homemade cookies, muffins, cupcakes, cake, or snacks for a personal touch! Or make all of the above if you want to be super giving.

Homemade Goodies, Homemade Brownie, Homemade Cookies, Homemade Food

Friendsgiving Gift Ideas #6

Digital Letter/Photo Collage with a Music Playlist QR Code

Price: $0

Canva will be your best friend for this gift idea! You can create a collage of photos on canva, or a digital letter for friendsgiving.

Canva is also able to create a QR code for you! All you need to do is copy and paste your link and it will automatically generate it for you. A great idea for the QR code is a playlist filled with songs that you enjoy with your friend (throwbacks, worship, disney, etc).

This is an example of a digital letter and QR code I made with Canva 🙂

Friendsgiving Gift Ideas, Friendsgiving Letter

Friendsgiving Gift Ideas #7

Video Compilation of Favorite Memories

Price: $0

Create a video of all of your favorite memories with your friend! Add music, sound effects, voice overs etc to make it more special!

If you have Apple, iMovie is a great software to use. Some other great free video editors you can use, even on your phone, are: InShot, FilmMaker, or CapCut.

Friendsgiving Gift Ideas #8

Etsy Gifts

Price: $5+

Etsy is the go-to for customized, special gifts for someone you care about. Most are handmade and they’re all amazing quality. Some are affordable, some aren’t. It just depends on what you are looking for.

They have rings, bracelets, wallets, self-care packages, custom coffee cups, embroidered items, personalized photos (song plaque, mini photo album etc) and much much more.

Etsy is one of my personal go-to’s for gift giving! See what Etsy offers for friendship related gifts.

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Friendsgiving Gift Ideas #9

Self-Care Package

Price Range: $10-$39 ea.

Put together a gift box filled with items that you know the person(s) you’re giving it to, will love and enjoy. You can include bath salts, scrunchies, scented candles, favorite candies, lip balm, skincare essentials, a handwritten note and more!

Etsy also has beautifully arranged packages that you can give to your friend or pull inspiration from.

self care package, thanksgiving gift idea, friendsgiving gift idea
By Live to Give Shop
A gift box for all of wonderful goodies! customize it with the person’s name, some designs and more
5 lb Lavender Scented Bath Saltl 🙂
Pack the bath salt individually in these cute containers
Scrunchies you can include in the self-care package
Pack 1-4 scrunchies in this pouch! Or other goodies you would like to add
include an organize lip balm to the package!

Friendsgiving Gift Ideas #10

DIY Coasters

Price: $1.50 ea.

Create personalized coasters! You can write, draw, or embroider them with patterns, quotes, or a message that best suits your relationship/friend. Here is a great DIY on Embroidering Coasters!

Coasters that are thin/thick enough to embroider and customize
A huge pack of yarn for your embroidery designs

Friendsgiving Gift Ideas #11

Handmade Bookmarks

Price Range: $0-$1 ea

Design beautiful bookmarks with inspirational quotes or phrases as a friendsgiving gift! It is simple, quick and sentimental.

CardStock for creating the bookmarks! 
Design it beautifully!

Friendsgiving Gift Ideas #12

Positive Affirmation Cards

Price: $3+

Create cards with uplifting messages to the person you’re giving it to! Make their day brighter and make them feel appreciated.

Cards that you can customize and design individually

Friendsgiving Gift Ideas #13

Movie Night Kit

Price Range: $10-$30

Put together a kit with your friend or family’s favorite snacks, candies, popcorn, and a movie gift card. 

This kit from Amazon is mostly used for inspiration. You can easily buy everything in store to put together a movie night kit.

Friendsgiving Gift Ideas #14

Customized Tote Bags

Price: $2.5+ ea.

You can design a tote bag with a quote, graphic, message, name or drawing that best fits the person you’re giving it to. Use markers to write or draw on it yourself! Canva is also a great tool to use to create a design.

Etsy also has customizable tote bags available!

Tote bags are a cute, aesthetic, simple and affordable gift to show your gratitude!


5 Pack of Tote Bags for more than one friend
You can iron on a design that you got from the internet or created yourself!
you can use Fabric Markers to draw, write on the tote bag instead
This Concludes affordable yet sentimental friendsgiving gift ideas!

Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to show your appreciation! Of course everyday is, but use this occasion to go all out! Create or put together something that conveys your gratitude and will leave a smile on the person’s face. Not only that, but spend quality time with the person you’re grateful for. Nothing can replace your presence.

Happy Friendsgiving! Happy Thanksgiving!

love, Jas Joy

These friendsgiving gifts are both affordable and sentimental! From DIY's to pre-made gifts, any of these could make your friend smile in gratitude.
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