Work School Life Balance: Successful Strategies to Thrive and Survive

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Learning how to achieve a work-school-life balance may be challenging but surely NOT impossible. It can be stressful just thinking about managing a job, taking care of your finances, pursuing a career, attending classes, getting good grades, taking care of your family, and making time for self-care and personal commitments. It may feel like you won’t be able to manage it all, but I am telling you, you can! With the right strategies, determination, commitment, and focus, you are capable of thriving and surviving! In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of a work-school-life balance and share successful, applicable strategies that will help guide you on this busy journey.



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Work School Life Balance Benefits

Benefits of Maintaining a Work-School-Life Balance

Reduced Stress: Being able to achieve work-school-life balance will substantially reduce feelings of being overwhelmed and prevent burnout.

Improved Performance: When you’re not spread too thin, you can focus and excel both at work and school.

Personal Fulfillment: Successfully balancing and managing your time will allow you to peacefully spend time with loved ones and enjoy life without feeling rushed.


Work School Life Balance Importance

Why is Balance So Important?

Having a well-strategized work-school-life balance will help prevent feelings of isolation, burnout and life dissatisfaction. Not being able to juggle everything and constantly feeling overwhelmed will lead to a drop in mental and emotional well-being, alongside risking all that you worked hard for.


Ignoring Work School Life Balance Consequences

Ignoring the need for balance might lead to

  • Academic struggles and/or job performance issues.
  • Physical (lack of sleep, eating unhealthily etc) and emotional health problems due to constant stress.
  • Strained personal relationships because of a lack of quality time/community.

13 Strategies for Establishing a Lasting Work-School-Life Balance

Work school Life Balance Strategy #1

Manage Your Time Wisely

We can never take back time. A motivational quote that may resonate with you is, “The best time to start was yesterday, the next best time is now.” Managing your time wisely will make all the difference. Start by identifying and prioritizing your most critical tasks, set specific goals for your week, and dedicate time slots (Aka time blocking) for studying, working, and relaxing.

Utilizing a planner, other time management tools or apps will be your best friend for keeping track of life activities, work, deadlines, and for setting reminders!

The Legend Planner will help you manage your time more wisely. It allows you to create the life you have always wanted, stay organized, increase productivity and much more!

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Work school Life Balance Strategy #2

Find a Method that Works Best for You

Everyone is different, so it’s essential to find a time management method that suits you the best. Some might thrive on the Pomodoro Technique, which involves working/studying in intervals followed by short breaks, while others might prefer the Eisenhower Box to prioritize tasks by urgency and importance.

Experiment with different methods to figure out for yourself what maximizes your efficiency and maintains your work-school-life balance.

Free Time Management App Favorite

Study Bunny: Utilizes Pomodoro Technique, studying in intervals and taking short breaks. You set the time and it rewards you with gifts for your bunny when you stick to it. 

Work school Life Balance Strategy #3

Shuffle Your Priorities

Not everything that you feel demands your attention is equally important.

Review, assess and prioritize your tasks! Life is unpredictable, which means that sometimes, your priorities will need to change. Being able to adapt to the hills and valleys will be your #1 tool for success.

Recognize when to shuffle your priorities to help you overcome all challenges that life throws at you, without sacrificing your overall balance.

Work school Life Balance Strategy #4

Schedule Time Off for Studying

Designate specific times in your week solely for studying to ensure you remain consistent and build lasting habits.


  • Helps you focus primarily on your academic tasks.
  • Free from the distractions of work or other commitments.
  • Having clear study periods will enhance your productivity and ensure you stay on top of your educational goals.


Again, utilizing a planner or a time management app will help you immensely in prioritizing tasks and staying on track.

Work school Life Balance Strategy #5

Take Regular Breaks

Continuous work without breaks can lead to rapid burnout.

Incorporate short, regular breaks during study or work sessions. Whether it’s a five-minute walk, a quick snack, or just some deep breaths – these pauses can significantly boost productivity and mental well-being.

Work school Life Balance Strategy #6


Dedicate Time to Yourself: Prioritize Self-Care! Commend yourself for all of your hard work by doing something you love or just simply resting. This personal time will help you recharge and ensure you approach challenges with a clear, calm mind.

Seek Support When Needed: It’s okay to ask for help. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, speak to a mentor, counselor, or a trusted individual. Universities often have counseling services, and workplaces might offer employee assistance programs. Don’t hesitate to tap into these resources that are fully available to you.

Set Realistic Expectations: Understand your limits. Set attainable goals to prevent stretching yourself too thin.

Most effective career advice


These tips are essential to your career success! Your future holds so much potential, and utilizing these tips will help you to get there + exceed it.

Work school Life Balance Strategy #7

Set Clear Boundaries

It’s incredibly important to set boundaries, especially when you’re juggling multiple responsibilities. If you’re working while studying, communicate your school commitments to your employer. They can be more understanding than you may think.

Similarly, don’t let work seep into your personal time. When you’re off the clock, truly be off. Drawing a visible line helps in reducing stress and burnout.

Work school Life Balance Strategy #8

Foster Social Connections

Building and maintaining social relationships are essential in balancing your everyday life.

Dedicating time to connect with family and friends will improve your mental and emotional health. These interactions, even if brief, can serve as a refreshing escape from all the workload.

Communicate with your family, friends, employers when you need help balancing everything or just need to get out. Those who genuinely care and are understanding will be supportive and encouraging in your pursuits.

Work school Life Balance Strategy #9

Don't Procrastinate

As the saying goes, “Studying doesn’t suck nearly as much as failing.”

Begin your assignments early to reduce last-minute panic! Procrastination can be a huge roadblock in achieving an everyday life balance that works for you. It’s easy to put off tasks, thinking there’s always tomorrow.

However, this can lead to overwhelming workloads and stress. Another saying, “The best time was yesterday; the next best time is now.

How to Combat Procrastination

  • Establish a routine
  • Set clear goals
  • Break tasks into manageable chunks
  • Stop making excuses

The sooner you tackle a task, the more free time you’ll have later to relax or indulge in personal activities!

Taking advantage of resources that can help you track your assignments/exams/projects, establish goals and milestones, create a vision board for yourself, can be a game-changer!

I personally use Notion, which is one of my favorite ways to motivate myself, stay focused, and remember that I have goals to achieve!

Work school Life Balance Strategy #10

Learn to Say 'No'

As young professionals or students, there can be a tendency to overcommit, either to gain experience or to fit in.

Enthusiasm may be commendable, but overloading yourself can harm your health and overall performance. Recognize your limits and be willing to decline additional commitments when you’re stretched thin.

Work school Life Balance Strategy #11

Minimize Distractions

Create a dedicated space for studying at home, free from noise and interruptions.

If you have a family, it may be difficult, but flexibility and adaptability is key. Wear noise canceling headphones if needed or ask a trustworthy person to keep an eye on your family.

To maintain a successful work-school-life balance, it is essential to identify and minimize these interruptions. By creating a comfortable environment, you can boost productivity and make the most of your time.

Work school Life Balance Strategy #12

Be Open to Online Options

Consider Online Classes: Online education often provide the flexibility you need to manage work and personal life. Whether it’s a degree, a certification, or a short course, online platforms provides you the advantage of learning at your own pace.

  • Coursera is an amazing platform that offers degrees and certifications, all online! They also offer tuition assistance. Just fill out their application and they can cover all of your costs or partial.
  • University of the People is fully online and free!! Yes, free tuition!! I went to this school for a semester (went to ASU Online with Starbucks after), and it was tough, but definitely rewarding to know that you can earn a degree for free.


Request or Seek Out Remote Work: Since the pandemic, companies have been open to remote work. Ask your employer if they offer it and use it to your advantage!

Being able to use one or the other will be a life changer. Your schedule will be more flexible to fit in studies around work commitments or vice versa. You will also be more free for personal events, ensuring that neither your education nor other life commitments get compromised.

Work school Life Balance Strategy #13

Give Yourself Grace

It’s okay to ask for extensions, take a day off, or even drop a commitment if it becomes too much!

Balancing work, school, and personal life isn’t always straightforward. As a college student or young professional, understand that it’s okay to have moments where things don’t go as planned. Rather than being too hard on yourself, embrace these moments as learning opportunities.

Giving yourself grace means recognizing that you’re doing your best! Seek help or make adjustments when needed.


A work-school-life balance is not just an ideal method, but a necessary strategy for overall success and life stability!

With commitment, reflection, and a bit of planning, you will be able to juggle work, school, and personal life with grace and confidence.

Your future self will thank you for persevering and remaining consistent and persistent!
Prevent future regrets by knowing the difference between rest and making excuses. Do all that you can for yourself, knowing you are capable.

Train yourself in these strategies and watch yourself thrive and survive both academically and professionally. You can do this!

This Concludes work school life balance: successful strategies to thrive and survive!

love, Jas Joy

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