Cheap Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Everyone on Your List!

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Everyone loves stocking stuffers because it means more presents! We are giving you 80+ Affordable Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Everyone!

It is Christmas time! Brainstorming presents can get overwhelming, especially when trying to come up with affordable ones. That is why we wrote this article full of cheap stocking stuffer ideas! Not only are they cheap, but also creative and appreciate. Instead of buying a single big present, why not buy multiple well-thought out presents that can fit in a customized stocking?

Although we have broken down the stuffers into sections for men and women, 17 out of 21 of the stocking stuffer ideas are universal! Also, we have provided a longer list in the end that you can go through 🙂

Aside from Amazon, these are all items you can find at your local store: Walmart, Target, Daiso, Dollar Tree, and more.


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Christmas Knitted Stocking with Name Tags!

This comes in a pack of 4 for less than $20! Plus they are giving 15% off on top of that!

These stocks are great for customizing. They are perfect for your stocking stuffers 🙂 


A non-flavored, flavored, or tinted lip balm can go a long way! Protect lips from dryness and the sun.

Nail polish comes in fun colors. It may be past fall but these colors are beautiful. Each is most definitely less than $5 and can bring joy to a gal’s nails!

Who doesn’t love scrunchies?! It protects your hair more than regular bands and are beautiful. You can even buy matching scrunchies for yourself, friends, and family.

Hair clips are perfect for styling and adding extra beauty to a person’s hair! It can come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. A beautiful stocking stuffer.

Face masks are a great self-care gift. It comes in a variety of scents and ingredients that are suitable for any person’s skin care routine.

A bracelet, even a matching bracelet, is an amazing gift for a friend or family member.

Get a pocket-sized notebook with cute designs or just a plain one as a stocking stuffer!

Fun and colorful socks are perfect for Christmas time! Especially if it is designed as a deer or colored red and green. Warmth and cuteness wrapped in one.

Novelty keychains. keyring charms, a memorable keychain can bring a smile on a friend or family member’s face. It can be a sentimental gift that is perfect as a stocking stuffer.
Candles are amazing! Its different scents are pleasing and refreshing. Drop one in the stocking and surely the person you are gifting it to will love it.
Assorted stickers can be used for anything! It can be used for decorating a water bottle or phone case, for journaling, planning, or as a bedroom decoration. They can also be used to convey emotions and memories to the person you are giving it to. Sentimental and decorative stocking stuffer!
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Multi-tools or pocket-sized gadgets are a man’s favorites! Dump this in their stocking for Christmas!
Hand sanitizer is a great gift for Christmas. It complements pocket tools well, finishing up the task with clean hands!

Everyone has a favorite candy or snack. Put one or multiple of their favorites in the stocking and a smile will be found on their face! 

A small, handy flashlight is perfect for night tasks and maneuvering around in dark spaces.
Great scent for a great man who works hard! A pocket-sized deodorant is perfect as a stocking stuffer and for fitting in a man’s pocket or bag.

Who doesn’t like playing cards? Cards are not only a great Christmas stocking stuffer, but also a fun game to play during your Christmas get together.

Pins and stickers are great mementos. You can give pins or stickers that have a specific design that remind you of the person you are giving it to OR to commemorate a special occasion.
You can never go wrong with a pack of gum or mint!
A compact knife can have a variety of uses. It is quite handy and would be a useful stocking stuffer!
Not only is this a passport holder, but it can also hold cards, tickets, ID, SIM cards, and a pen! Super handy stocking stuffer.


  1. Festive holiday socks
  2. Mini puzzle games
  3. Keychain bottle opener
  4. Fridge magnet with a funny message
  5. Lip balm
  6. Pocket-sized notebook
  7. Novelty erasers
  8. Mini flashlight
  9. Bookmark
  10. Mini hand sanitizer
  11. Pocket calendar
  12. Travel-sized toiletries (e.g., hand soap, shampoo, conditioner)
  13. Tea bags or hot chocolate packets
  14. Hand warmers
  15. Mini picture frame
  16. Deck of playing cards
  17. Stress ball
  18. Handwritten Note
  19. Fun-shaped paper clips
  20. Pocket-sized mirror
  21. Stickers
  22. Enamel Brooch Pin
  23. Novelty pens
  24. Mini screwdriver set
  25. Guitar pick
  26. Magnifying glass
  27. Coin purse
  28. Mini sewing kit
  29. Pocket-sized hand lotion
  30. Cute notepads
  1. Mini jigsaw puzzles
  2. Lanyard
  3. Plastic Razor
  4. Bag of gourmet popcorn
  5. Mini tool kit
  6. Whistle
  7. Mini stapler
  8. Mini calculator
  9. USB phone fan
  10. Compact umbrella
  11. Disposable camera
  12. Multi-tool keychain
  13. Favorite snack
  14. Hair clips
  15. Hair pins
  16. Christmas tree ornament
  17. Mini bamboo plant
  18. Compact mirror
  19. Hair ties
  20. Mini sketchbook
  21. Pocket-sized chess or checkers set
  22. Mini rubber stamp set
  23. Earbuds
  24. Travel-sized lint roller
  25. Tiny succulent plant
  26. Mini air freshener
  27. Breath mints or gum
  28. Mini hairbrush
  29. Mini gardening kit
  30. Mini candle
  31. Phone stand or holder
This Concludes Cheap Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Everyone on Your List!

Your friends, family, co-workers, teachers, everyone on your list will greatly appreciate anything you give them!

It is not always WHAT is being given, but instead WHO is giving it to them that they appreciate the most :).

love, Jas Joy

Here you will find 80+ Cheap Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Everyone on Your List!
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