Ultimate Guide to Balancing School and Life During the Holidays 

Ultimate Guide to Balancing School and Life During the Holidays
This post is the “Ultimate Guide to Balancing School and Life During the Holidays!”

November and December are an incredibly busy season! There’s Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, Christmas, New Years and possibly even birthdays! With that said, balancing and managing school commitments during the holiday season can be challenging and stressful. But that is why we are here! This comprehensive guide will be your roadmap to maintaining a harmonious balance between your academic success, rest, and holiday events. These practical tips and insightful strategies will empower you to make this season the most joyful, without needing to compromise your scholastic pursuits.


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Balancing School and Life During the Holidays: Make A Schedule


Creating a schedule for yourself ahead of time will help you maintain balance and manage priorities during this busy holiday season. A well-structured, realistic schedule will assist you in allocating time to your list of priorities. It is important to not only allocate time to that list of priorities, but also to rest, family and self-care. You want to incorporate breaks and socialization to prevent burnout and feelings of isolation. Remember, your schedule is not set in stone, alter it along the way if needed. Embrace flexibility in your schedule to accommodate unexpected events or last-minute changes. By creating a schedule, listing your priorities, knowing exactly what you need to complete during the holiday season, you can excel in your studies while enjoying your festivities.

Step By Step:

  1. List your tasks by priority, #1 being most important. Another method you can use is the Eisenhower Matrix, listing your tasks in the boxes Urgent/Important, Urgent/Not Important, Not Urgent/Important, Not Urgent/Not Important.
  2. Create a well-structured schedule in reference to your tasks, ensure it is flexible and adjustable.
  3. Utilize Google Calendar, your physical calendar/planner.
    We wrote a detailed article on “Creating a Study Schedule that is Efficient and Effective”, it will help you immensely!
  4. Refer to your schedule daily, alter when needed.



  1. A schedule is your roadmap to a harmonious balance.
  2. Empowers you to allocate specific time to academics without sacrificing family, fun and rest.
  3. Aids in staying organized and cultivates a sense of control over your time.
  4. Decreases stress and minimizes the chance of burnout.

Balancing School and Life During the Holidays: Set Realistic Goals

Set Realistic Goals

Establishing realistic goals will help you to achieve a harmonious balance between your academic commitments and personal life throughout the holiday season.

It is important to create specific and achievable goals that align with both your educational aspirations and holiday plans. The goals you set yourself also need to be flexible, allowing you to adapt them to unforeseen circumstances or a change of heart. Allow yourself room for adjustment while working towards your goals and enjoying your break with family. Setting realistic goals will provide purpose, and foster a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment during the holidays.

Balancing School and Life During the Holidays: Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is crucial for balancing academic responsibilities and holiday events. Setting a plan will help you to efficiently manage your time and reduce stress, all while enjoying the holidays with family.

By having a list of school tasks, goals you want to accomplish, you can properly allocate sufficient time to complete them. Executing this proactive approach can ensure that all your essential tasks are completed without needing to compromise a joyous spirit of the holidays. Although planning ahead does cultivate a sense of preparedness and empowerment to navigate the busy holiday season, do your best to not overwhelm yourself with a long list or a high expectation to do it all. Keep your plan flexible, embracing unexpected events and need for rest. Overall, having a plan will keep you organized and help balance all that comes your way.

Balancing School and Life During the Holidays: Designate Study Free Days

Designate Study Free Days

Designating study free days will allow you to appreciate moments with family and friends without the stress of academic responsibilities.

Study free days are essential to a balanced life during the holidays. Setting intentional breaks will cultivate a sense of rejuvenation, improving your mental and emotional well-being. During these study free days, immerse yourself fully in the holiday cheer and family gatherings. There is much more outside of school, remember to live in the moment and experience the joy of being around loved ones.

Balancing School and Life During the Holidays: Say No when it's needed

Say No when it's needed

Whether that be to yourself, family or to friends, say no when it’s needed. Learning to say no is vital to maintaining a balanced life in the midst of the holidays and family gatherings. It may be tempting to immerse yourself in social activities or even studying, but be intentional and diligent with your time to increase productivity and decrease stress. Saying “no” when needed empowers you to allocate time more efficiently, reduce procrastination and free up more time for fun activities. Safeguard your valuable time and mental space by setting this boundary for yourself. It is not being stingy or selfish; it is an act of self-care and responsibility.

Balancing School and Life During the Holidays: Spread holiday cheer

Spread holiday cheer

It may be difficult at times to spread holiday cheer while balancing all of your academic commitments, family gatherings, work and more. That is why following the above and below points are important! Spread holiday cheer by expressing gratitude and kindness toward your loved ones. Incorporate acts of goodwill, self-reflection into your daily routine to uplift your spirit and nurture a positive mindset. Engage in activities daily that bring you joy and enrich your holiday with smiles and love.

Balancing School and Life During the Holidays: Prioritize your well-being

Prioritize your well-being

Knowing your triggers and your stressors are important in prioritizing your well-being. You may get overwhelmed or frustrated trying to juggle it all while still trying to have fun. With that said, it is imperative to give yourself room to breathe, rest, relax and enjoy the moment with your loved ones, especially when you know you’re starting to feel burnt out.

Get out of your own head for a few hours and appreciate how far you have come. Dedicate time to fun activities, exercise, family time, and rest to ensure a healthy balance. By prioritizing self-care, you will feel more energized, focused and ready to tackle everything on your schedule.

Balancing School and Life During the Holidays: Do not forget, it's vacation!

Do not forget, it's vacation!

Enjoy your vacation before the next semester! Holiday vacations are times for celebration and smiles, it is essential to not overlook the significance of your break. They are also opportunities for rest, mental recharge and personal well-being. 

Enjoy this pause from school and blend your academics alongside relaxation and festivities. Maintain a well-structured, balanced schedule, allocating time to leisure, fun, school, family, work and personal commitments.

Balancing School and Life During the Holidays: Everything is Important: Family, School and Yourself

Everything is Important: Family, School and Yourself

Everything holds significance: family, academics, work and your own well-being. Managing and balancing everything can be quite demanding, but remember that every aspect deserves your time and attention. Recognizing the importance of it all, enables you to cherish and be grateful for everything before you. With that said, time management and setting realistic goals is crucial to ensuring that there is a harmonious blend between all that you are unwilling to compromise.

Balancing School and Life During the Holidays: Prepare for Back to School

Prepare for Back to School

To ensure a smooth transition back to school, effective planning and organization of study materials and schedules are important. They will lay the foundation for a successful and stress free return. This transitional phase is significant, it is the beginning of a focused academic mindset and it shows commitment to overcome all that is ahead.

How to Prepare for Back to School:

  1. Create separate folders in Google Drives of your next semester courses.
  2. Download your syllabus for each course and upload to Google Drive.
  3. Open Google Calendar and all of your syllabi on separate tabs.
  4. Upload assignments, quizzes and exams into Google Calendar, organizing each course by color.
  5. Gather all study material from pre-requisite courses, related to next semester exams, and review!
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how to remember what you study!

These are simple and effective study methods to help you succeed in your college studying. It is not about memorization or passiveness, it is about comprehension, engagement and building good study habits.

Should you study during Christmas Break?

Short answer, it depends on your individual goals and circumstances. Studying during Christmas break can offer both advantages and drawbacks.


  • Christmas break gives you an opportunity to utilize time to study without the stress of completing homework assignments or exams.
  • It can give you the chance to get ahead before the next semester starts and to review materials from pre-req courses.
  • Reduce academic stress upon returning to school and foster a sense of preparedness.



  • Feeling the need to do it all, can lead to burnout when the holidays should be a time of fun and rest.
  • Academic burnout before the school year even starts.
  • Not fully enjoying holiday festivities and maximizing your time of rest.


It is essential to balance study with relaxation during the holidays. Choosing not to study during the break might lead to increased stress later on, while excessive studying can detract from the holiday spirit and family time.

Before deciding whether to study during Christmas break or not, consider your personal academic needs, pre-scheduled holiday plans, and personal commitments. Ensure a realistic schedule can be established that achieves balance and honors both academic goals and the joy of the season.

This Concludes The Ultimate Guide to Balancing School and Life During the Holidays!

Effectively balancing your academics and holiday celebrations requires implementing the strategies and insights shared in this guide. Make a well-structured schedule, plan ahead, set realistic goals, and prioritize your well-being to navigate the holidays with confidence and ease. We wish you a successful academic journey and a holiday season filled with joy, laughter, and memorable moments!

love, Jas Joy

November and December are an incredibly busy season! There’s Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, Christmas, New Years and possibly even birthdays! With that said, balancing school and life during the holidays can be challenging and stressful. That is why we wrote this article!
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